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Leitrim Senior County Final 2009
As a build up to the 2009 Leitrim Senior Football Championship Final, we take a look back at the season so far and reflect on our previous successes at Intermediate & Junior Level. From our recent Division 2 win against Dromahair to the clubs first taste of victory back in 1980 with the Junior Championship win against Melvin Gaels. We also remember the Intermediate win in 1991 against Melvin Gaels. Click on the links below to see the latest photographs from around the village.

We hope to see all our supporters in the Corn Mill Theatre on Saturday 26th for what is hoped to be a great evenings entertainment with special guests the 1980 Junior & the 1991 Intermediate teams. MC's on the night will be Seamus O'Rourke and Mary Reynolds. This will be preceded by an Ecumenical Mass in the Parish Hall at 7:00pm.

This year the GAA celebrates it's 125th year in existence, is 2009 going to be Carrigallen's year? Let's hope so!

Photograph's - VILLAGE & TOWNLANDS

Photograph's - PAST GLORIES


Carrigallen for the Cup
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Final

Carrigallen v Glencar Manorhamilton

Venue: Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada Date: 27.09.09 Throw-in: 2:50pm

Result: Carrigallen 2-07 Manorhamilton 0-14

History in the making - but for who?
John Connolly, The Leitrim Observer

Whatever else happens next Sunday, one team is forge a slice of history in the Masonite Leitrim Senior Championship Final in Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada as Champions Glencar/ Manorhamilton put their title on the line against an up-and-coming Carrigallen. With the unusual throw-in time of 2.50 to accommodate local radio, Glencar/ Manorhamilton and Carrigallen are desperate to achieve their own piece of history with the champions desperate to become the first team from the north Leitrim club to successfully defend the Senior title and the first team since Allen Gaels in 2001/2002 to retain the Fenagh Cup. For Carrigallen, there are plenty of historic over-tones as they seek to win their first Senior crown since 1941, ending a 68-year famine for the club. The famed, but long gone, Tully club claimed the title in 1945, drawing in players from Carrigallen and Aughavas, but next Sunday is a day that Carrigallen have dreamed of since 1992.

Seventeen years ago, a young Carrigallen team that featured Andrew McManus and Brian Doyle, reached their first County Final in just over 40 years and pushed Aughawillan all the way to the final whistle, many in the club feeling that while they had left a great chance behind them, glory was just around the corner. But it didn’t happen that way and the one recurring theme when you talk to any Carrigallen player, past or present, is of the need to make the most of the opportunity in front of them right now, to grab their chance next Sunday with both hands! That desire is equally strong in the north of the county where the idea of back-to-back victories could be the start of a truly golden age for Glencar/Manor - they have never defended their title but they have never come as close as they are this year.

It leaves both clubs with a lot at stake next Sunday but, judging from visiting the camps last week, both clubs are embracing the entire razzmatazz of the County Final, enjoying the hype and revelling in the excitement it brings to a community. That contrasts with the more usual “batten down the hatches” approaches of teams in the final as both are neither playing down their chances or hiding their ambition. In many ways, the teams are also very alike on the field - both are young teams, sprinkled liberally with slightly older veterans, both have achieved great success in recent years and both are desperately ambitious. The similarities don’t end there - both teams have young mobile defences, both teams have come through incredibly tricky quarter and semi-finals, both are lead by inspiring full-forwards, both have inspiring goal-keepers and both boast midfields that are strong in the air and mobile.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the champions march to the final has been the introduction of so much young blood - Shane Sweeney is a future Leitrim Senior keeper in the making and has made vital contributions in all of his games. Paddy Maguire has added a new dimension to a mobile and tough tackling defence while James O’Brien has come in a great impact sub in quite a few games this year. Upfront, the changes are more pronounced with Adrian Croal taking on a leadership role with James Glancy while Colin Ryan, Aaron Hickey, Stephen O’Hara and Gerry Hickey have all played starring roles for Manor side. Yet it will still be the teak tough spine down the middle that will determine if Manor are to defend their title - Pat Gilmartin at full-back, Adrian O’Flynn at centre-back, the impressive pairing of Darren Sweeney and Fintan McGourty in the middle of the park and James Glancy at full-forward give them a steely look while Shane Loughlin and Thomas McDonald have consistently delivered excellent displays.

It wouldn’t be out of bounds to say that Glencar/ Manor’s defence, and the full-back line in particular, have been the foundation of their success this year, conceding an average of just 8.8 points a game this year. Where there is concern for the champions is, strange to say, in attack - their early championship form was sparkling, hitting just under 13 points a game, but they seem to have hit something of a road-block as both their games against Bornacoola were marred by some uncharacteristic bad wides. Glencar/Manor have been creating plenty of chances but the failure to take them has seen them struggle to get by both Ballinamore and Bornacoola and it is a worry for the north Leitrim, particularly when you look at Carrigallen’s hard-working defence. With David Flynn dominating from full-back and great support from Karl Ward, Noel Doonan, midfielder Gary Reynolds and Andrew McManus, the intense Carrigallen defence have restricted teams to just 9.75 points a game, a figure which indicates that a tight game is in the offing.

Most would regard Carrigallen as a light team but they have consistently met the challenge of bigger and more imposing sides and seen them off, their rearguard action against Melvin Gaels in atrocious conditions in the semi-final one of the highlights of the year. With Doonan, Reynolds, Richardson and young Eoin Ward forming a diamond in the middle sector of the field, Carrigallen can definitely expect to break even in that area and match the mobile Glencar/Manor midfield. In fact, one believes that Carrigallen have a lot more left in the tank in midfield and if they produce it next Saturday, they will take some stopping. The cutting edge of Carrigallen’s attack is Ciaran Flynn and the full-forward is something of a mercurial talent, capable of scoring from all distances and angles. The Carrigallen man has displayed far more consistency this year and Glencar/ Manor will be more than aware that stopping Flynn will go a long way to stopping Carrigallen.

Pat Gilmartin or Adrian O’Flynn are likely to follow Flynn although Thomas McDonald’s ability to do a specialist marking job cannot be ruled out. Flynn will definitely need more support and Eoin Ward, who had lit up games in the past on his own, is another match-winner more than capable of puncturing Manor’s dreams. His running with the ball and accuracy on the move is a potent weapon and last year’s County Minor is a real threat. Given that both teams have only found the net twice so far in the championship, you’d think that the team that does next Sunday will go a long way to winning the championship. But doing so is easier said that done given the inspiring form of Shane Sweeney and Enda Lyons, both of whom made miraculous saves in the semi-final. Lyons could prove a match winner in more ways than one, his penchant for thumping long range frees over the bar one that Manor will have to consider if they think it safe to foul anywhere out the field.

Both teams are footballing teams so it’d be fair to expect a free-flowing encounter as both like to hit on the break and use the pace of their forwards to open up gaps. So then, should we expect just that? It is hard to know - in most of these cases, teams work hard to negating the strong points of the opposition and it isn’t until late in the first half or even the second that the game really gets going. Most people around the county have Glencar/ Manorhamilton as strong favourites and it is hard to disagree - they have the experience of last year backed by the influx of new players eager to establish their own records. And you can’t discount the motivation of back to back titles that is driving the north Leitrim men. Given the enormous amount of chances they have created in games so far this year, all it would take is a small improvement in accuracy from James Glancy and Adrian Croal and they would be almost unstoppable.

Yet one still can’t get the feeling out of the mind that it might just be Carrigallen’s day - they are extremely relaxed about the final yet still possess a steely resolve. They are more than capable of winning a shoot-out and have the forwards to cause any defence a problem and, more importantly, they are just as driven to seize the opportunity in front of them. This may seem exactly like having your cake and eating it but Glencar/ Manorhamilton get a tentative vote with their experience and capacity to improve but don’t rule out the shock of the year, Carrigallen to keep it tight all the way to the final whistle.
I didn't think it would be 17 years before I got back to a County Final
Andrew McManus talks with John Connolly, The Leitrim Observer

When you are young and big days come around, they seem to be matter of course. So you can be sure that Andrew McManus appreciates Carrigallen's appearance in next Sunday's Masonite Senior Championship Final, coming 17 years after his one and only outing in Leitrim's show-piece game.

Speaking to the Observer, Andrew said "I didn't think it would be 17 years before I got back to a County Final. When you're 17 years old, you think you'd be there every couple of years but it never worked out. "There were a lot of years that we thought about getting to the Final and it didn't work out so we are really looking forward to this one and the excitement is building already." Andrew was a 17-year-old on the 1992 team that lost to Aughawillan in the Senior Final and along with Brian Doyle, among the subs next Sunday, and selector Christy Coyne, a goal-keeper in '92, the 34-year-old provides a link to Carrigallen's most recent outing on the big day.

It means Andrew is ideally placed to compare the two occasions - "I don't think there was that much excitement when we got there in '92 but this year, it was building straight after the semi-final, flags were going up, people are talking about the game. "The build-up to the final in 1992 was really quite good but the game really passes you by. Preparations will be bigger this time so you'd hope that none of the players get carried away with what's going on and focus on the task in hand." Andrew urges his team-mates to make the most of the occasion - "The day comes really quickly and it is very quickly gone. You're there and the next thing the game is over and you look back on it then and wonder what it was about and think what maybe could have been done different." Dealing with the hype is difficult but Andrew believes this young Carrigallen team have the experience to cope - "Everybody deals with big games in their own way. I still get very nervous about games myself so I know how people feel. "Some of the lads were around for the Intermediate Final in 2007 and the Connacht Final so they have experience of the big time."

That experience was needed this year as Carrigallen suffered a loss to Bornacoola this year, fought back from a five point deficit against Annaduff in the Quarter-Final and withstood a ferocious challenge from Melvin Gaels in the semi-finals, perhaps countering a few of the myths about this Carrigallen team. "All the games have been close. The Bornacoola game, we were missing Noel Doonan and he was a big loss to us. Maybe Annaduff thought they had it at halftime, they were five points up but we got a few scores early in the second half and we moved on from there. "Melvin Gaels in the semi-final, probably the best team lost. If they had got level, they might have gone on to win it. We’ve ground out results and probably, now we are winning games that we wouldn’t have won before. “People talk about the speed and the quickness of Carrigallen and a lot have said that we wouldn’t be good on a wet day but the last two days have been very wet and a dirty field.” Key to that transformation has been a change in attitude according to Andrew - “Most of what has been asked of fellas this year has been done and there is a great bunch of players there together. We always said that we had a team capable of winning a Senior championship if we could get the fellas out training and putting in an effort.“

Coln Hannify’s arrival is also a bonus - “Coln, when we talked to him at the start of the year, said he understood where we were coming from and hoped, from what he had learned in winning a few championships himself, that he would bring us on. It has worked well and we hope that we go one better on the big day.” As for a verdict on the final, Andrew credits the club’s determination to get out of Division Two as crucial - “Last year, we were probably unlucky to get relegated but saying that, we were relegated. At the start of the year, our main aim was to get back to Division One. “We achieved that, we had a few blips on the way but we have now reached two Finals, so playing in Division Two wasn’t too bad. “Glencar/Manor are going to be very hard beaten but we’d see it as a fifty-fifty game. We’re not over-confident but we’d be hopeful of winning it.”
Brain urges Carrigallen to grab their chance
Brian Doyle talks with John Connolly, The Leitrim Observer

"Grab this chance, that's what I'll be telling them before the Final, to take this chance." There's no doubting the emotion, nor the desire behind Brian Doyle's words as Carrigallen face into their first Masonite Senior Championship Final since 1992 next Sunday.
Brian lined out at midfield back in 1992 against an Aughawillan team embarking on the first step of a three-in-a-row quest and the barren years in between has definitely formed Brian's attitude ahead of next Sunday's Final. "It is great to be back in a County Final after a long time. I didn't know it was going to be that long," the long serving Carrigallen man, who recently starred with the Leitrim Masters team against Dublin, told the Observer last week. "Back in 1992, I was only a young man then and I thought we'd surely be back in a Final within a couple of years but with injuries and different things, people with emigration and a few fellows left and the next thing the team just disbanded and that was it."

Emigration and injuries, the bane of many a club in the 80s and early 90s, played their part in Carrigallen's failure to build on their 1992 Final appearance - "There was no Celtic Tiger at that time and I remember young Fintan Cooke, who had only come onto the team at that time, a wing-half back and a very promising footballer. "The next thing, he left for America and never returned. I hear he'll be home for this Final. Seamie Mac got a few injuries, Michael Reilly the same and they were experienced players." To keep plugging away cannot have been easy but the Ballyconnell based Garda is eager to keep going - "I stayed on through pure thickness, wanting to win something and be part of something again. That's why I'm still around. A couple of years ago, I wasn't able to train when we got to the Intermediate Final. "I just kept plugging away with the Juniors and the Over 40s, Terry Shortt will keep ringing me every so often, I think I'm underage again next year. "But a man will be long enough dead and under the ground, as the man says, so when you're able to do it, it is great to play football."

Whatever the reason for his longevity, there is no doubt that Brian is looking forward to Sunday - "Seventeen years, it's hard to believe. It doesn't seem like 17 years but the next year is a long time coming. "Still it is here now and it's good to be part of it, it's good to be able to still put on a pair of togs and boots and go out and join the lads for training the odd time." And that is where his advice to this generation of Carrigallen footballers comes from, the desire to make the most of the opportunity in front of them – "Grab this chance, that's what I'll be telling them before the Final, to take this chance. "In fairness, these are a hungrier bunch of lads that we were 17 years ago, the hungriest bunch of lads I've seen in a while around this club – if we're not hungry, then nobody is! "They've won an Intermediate title three years ago and were in a Senior Semi-Final two years ago. We let ourselves down that year against Carrick.

Last year didn’t go terribly well for us but we’re still there or there about.” With plenty of experience behind him, Brian does not in any way underestimate the task facing Carrigallen - “Manorhamilton are a good slick team, deservedly and they are unbeaten so far this year in the championship. They’re there by merit, they’ve played well to get there and they play a good brand of football. “They’re a strong team and they’ll be hard turned over but that’s what we’re there for. We’re quietly optimistic.” Asked if he would like the chance to get a run-out in Sunday’s Final, it’s obvious Brian is raring to go – “Oh yeah, definitely. That’s a decision for the management to make but that’s why I’m still playing, that’s why I’m there, not just to carry the water all the time. “There’s no way I’m fit for the full-hour at senior level, people realistically know that but I’ve seen a lot and the body has seen a lot and I’m sure I can offer something to the team.”
Leitrim Senior Football Championship Final - Media Night
Eamonn Quinn interviews manager Colin Hannify on Tuesday night last (15th Sept) while Philip McIntyre captures it all on video
Champions have Hannify's respect
Colin Hannify talks with John Connolly, The Leitrim Observer

"They're not County Champions for nothing," was the honest assessment of Colin Hannify as the Carrigallen boss plots the down-fall of Glencar/ Manorhamilton in next Sunday's Masonite Senior Championship Final in Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada. The Dromard man may be full of admiration for Carrigallen's opponents next Sunday but he is far from over-awed - "They're a good side, they move the ball well out of defence, have a good midfield. They're going to be a tricky outfit. "Back to back titles is very hard done in any county so Glencar/Manor have a chance of doing that so we'll be trying to stop them."

The fact that the north Leitrim men are appearing in their second consecutive Final is not lost on Colin - "It is first time since 1992 that we've in it and my selector Christy Coyne was on the last team, playing in goal so it is going to be a great occasion. "Manor have probably have a better history than Carrigallen, they have won a couple of championships whereas our club, the last time they won a championship was 1945 and they weren't even called Carrigallen back then, they were called Tully. So there is no real pressure on us as such."

The fact that Carrigallen are appearing in their first Senior Final in 17 years naturally brings a welter of excitement to the area and as a manager, Colin admits that there are two way of looking at the whole occasion - "It's so long since they've got to the County Final, the town looks great and there is all sorts of banter and craic going on as per usual for a County Final. "We are enjoying it but we're not getting over-hyped about it because we know we have to go out and win it, we've won nothing yet. We said at the start of the year we'll take every game as it comes and we've never said we're going to win the championship or anything like that. "We know we have a hard task, we're playing against the County Champions and we definitely know we have won anything yet."

Watching Manor in the semi-final replay was an educational experience - "It was a very tight game that could have gone either way and fair play to Manor, they never gave up. They looked bad in the first half but in the second half, they came out strong and ended up winning." This year's campaign has also seen Colin's team lay to rest many so-called theories about Carrigallen, some of them that Colin admits that the team may have subscribed to themselves - "We work hard for each other, that would be one of our strong points. We have a good defence, they work very hard for each other. "Although it hasn't clicked for us yet, we feel we have a strong midfield and we have good lively forwards. Against Melvin Gaels, tthe conditions were poor and I was very happy with the ways lads worked for each other and fought tooth and nail for each other.

“Against Annaduff in Cloone, the conditions were terrible but it didn’t seem to affect our lads. “I think that was the case in the past and I think even Carrigallen thought they couldn’t play in bad conditions but we proved that we can play in any conditions.” Colin also points to victory in the Division Two League Final in July as a boost for the championship - “Winning the Division Two Final definitely helped things because I think it is a long time since Carrigallen won any sort of cup, it definitely did boost us.” Finally, when asked for a prediction, Colin joked “Glencar/Manorhamilton!” before adding “Listen we’re not there to make the numbers up. We’re confident but we know it is not going to be easy.”
Memory of 1992 to spur Carrigallen on
Carrigallen Captain Noel Doonan talks with John Connolly, The Leitrim Observer

Making the most of your opportunities is a mantra that Noel Doonan has obviously adopted because the Carrigallen captain has urged his team-mates to grab the opportunity of winning the Masonite Senior Championship with both hands because nobody knows when the opportunity may arise again. Many players talk about the pressure and the hype but Noel declares that he and his team should enjoy the occasion, the memory of 1992 still strong in Noel's memory - "It is a fantastic occasion, the town is great. There are flags and bunting up and it's great to see it.

"I remember in 1992 when I was a kid, the last time we were in the final, there wasn't half as much of the hype and excitement but we feel that it is a great occasion for the town and we might as well enjoy when we're there because we don't know when we'll be back again. "I know from talking to Andrew McManus, Seamus O'Rourke and Brian Doyle, they were bitterly disappointed because they knew they had the nucleus of a good team but it just didn't work out that way and they thought finals would be coming around every couple of years. "But things never worked out that way and who knows, this could be our last final for a long time so we just have to throw caution to the wind and go for it."

Nobody in Carrigallen is under-estimating the task of disposing of the reigning champions but Noel believes that his team have more than enough big time experience - "We've kind of come up under the radar because nobody expected us to do anything this year but over the last few years, we won the Intermediate Championship, we got to the Connacht Intermediate Final. "The same year, we were in the Senior League Final. This year as well, we won Division 2. We know what the big occasion is like. Fair enough we had a dip in form last year but we're quietly confident. "Saying that, we know we're major underdogs, Glencar/Manor are the defending champions, they're not just there for the fun of it and to come back and be in the Final again the very next year is a great achievement so we know we are very much up against it." "You look at the spine of their team - Pat Gilmartin, Adrian O'Flynn, Darren Sweeney and then you have James Glancy, they are a very solid team right up the middle. A lot of us were at the semi-final replay so hopefully we got a good feel for their team but it's all on the day."

Noel may say that Carrigallen are underdogs but the captain believes that his team have the quality to cause an upset - "You look at websites and chat forums, talk to people and the word on the street is that Carrigallen are underdogs, they're going to be the whipping boys. "We know what we have – we have a good team ethic, a good work-rate and we know we have everything to do on Sunday. We know we're underdogs and that we have to work hard to get anything out of the game and we'll give it a good lash. "We know we have players on the field capable of stepping up to the plate. In the last few years, we have had young fellows coming into the team but they've stepped up to the plate.

I think against Annaduff and Melvin Gaels, we proved we have the work-rate and the lads in vital positions who can get a few scores as well.” Yet Noel is the first to admit that those results against Annaduff and Melvin Gaels came with a large slice of luck - “We know we rode our luck against Annaduff and we know we did that against Melvin Gaels but maybe you need that bit of luck to win a championship. “Conditions were against us, everything seemed to be against us. Melvin Gaels put us right up against it but it showed we have the work-rate, we have the team ethic and hopefully that will get us through it.” The win over Melvin Gaels has brought a buzz to the parish and Noel hopes that it could inspire young players the way 1992 inspired him - “The buzz around the town was massive and we had a lot of young lads down watching the senior training. It was great to see and maybe getting to the final will give the whole club a lift and especially the younger players. “It gives you something to aim for and hopefully, with the Intermediate Championship and reaching the Connacht Final two years ago and winning the Division 2 title this year, it shows we’re going in the right direction.”

As for a prediction itself, Noel says “We have it all to do, Manorhamilton will be massive favourites but having said that, we know what we’re about. The rest of the county mightn’t know but we’ll give it a good lash. We’ll be underdogs on Sunday but please God, it will all go well. “Nerves could be a problem but all I can say is that it is not a day for nerves. Who knows when this day will come again. It is time to just throw caution to the wind and just go for it, just really got for it. “To be the first Carrigallen team to win a Championship, I know there was a Tully team won it in the 1940s, but to be the first Carrigallen team would be a massive thing.”
Leitrim Senior County Final 2009 - Clár an Lae
12:50 Foireann Aislinne amach ar an bpáirc

12:52 Foireann Achadh Easa amach ar an bpáirc

12:55 Toss for choice of ends.

13:00 GWP Junior A Football Championship Final 2009 commences.

13:30* Half time Interval

13:40* Second-half commences

14:10* GWP Junior A Championship Final 2009 concludes

14:15* Presentation of Dick Ellis Memorial Cup to winning captain by Cathaoirleach Coiste Chontae Liatroma Gearoid Mac Samhrain and Presentation of Man of the Match award by Gabriel Cronin, Dental Laboratories.

14:35 Kiltubrid Pipe Band amach ar an bpáirc

14:36 Foireann Carraig Alainn amach ar an bpáirc

14:38 Foireann Gleann an Chairthe/Cluainin amach ar an bpáirc

14:42 Toss for choice of ends

14:44 Paráid na Foirne

14:48 Amhrán na bhFiann

14:50 Masonite Senior Football Championship Final 2009 commences

15:20* Half-Time Interval

15:22* Parade of Liatroim Under 12 Teams 2009

15:35* Second-half commences

16:05* Masonite SFC Final 2009 concludes

16:10* Presentation of Fenagh Cup to winning captain by Cathaoirleach Coiste Chontae Liatroma Gearóid Mac Samhrain and Presentation of Man of the Match award by Gabriel Cronin, Dental Laboratories.

Subject to any additional time played
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship 2009
Group 4

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R2 Carrigallen v Bornacoola ARTICLE>>>
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Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Round 1

Carrigallen v Aughnasheelin

Venue: Ballinamore Date: 26.07.09 Throw-in: 3:30pm

Final Score: 1-10 / 0-06

Enda Lyons, Barry Reilly, David Flynn, Karl Ward, Terence Reynolds (0-1), Noel Doonan, Ciaran Reilly, Clifford Richardson, Gary Reynolds, Martin Dolan (0-1), Eoin Ward, Andrew McManus (1-2), Benny O'Rourke (0-3), Ciaran Flynn (0-1), Eamonn Dolan (0-2). Subs: Mark Kerrigan for Ciaran Flynn, Derek Reilly for Noel Doonan.
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Round 2

Carrigallen v Bornacoola

Venue: Cloone Date: 01.08.09 Throw-in: 7:30pm

Final Score: 1-09 / 0-14

Enda Lyons, Barry Reilly, David Flynn, Karl Ward, Terence Reynolds, JP McManus, Ciaran Reilly, Clifford Richardson, Gary Reynolds, Martin Dolan (0-1), Eoin Ward (0-1), Andrew McManus, Benny O'Rourke (0-2), Ciaran Flynn (1-5), Eamonn Dolan. Subs: Mark Kerrigan for Martin Dolan.
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Quarter Final

Carrigallen v Annaduff

Venue: Cloone Date: 22.08.09 Throw-in: 7:00pm

Final Score: 0-13 / 0-12

Enda Lyons (0-1), Barry Reilly, David Flynn (0-1), Karl Ward, Terence Reynolds (0-1), JP McManus, Ciaran Reilly, Clifford Richardson, Gary Reynolds, Martin Dolan, Eoin Ward (0-2), Andrew McManus (0-1), Benny O'Rourke, Ciaran Flynn (0-6), Killian Ward (0-1). Subs: Eamonn Dolan for Benny O'Rourke, Noel Doonan for Eamonn Dolan.
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Semi Final

Carrigallen v Melvin Gaels

Venue: Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada Date: 6.09.09 Throw-in: 6:15pm

Final Score: 0-10 / 0-07

Enda Lyons, Barry Reilly, David Flynn, Karl Ward, Terence Reynolds, Noel Doonan, JP McManus, Clifford Richardson, Gary Reynolds, Martin Dolan, Eoin Ward (0-2), Andrew McManus, Eamon Dolan, Ciaran Flynn (0-7), Killian Ward. Subs: Eamonn O'Malley for Martin Dolan, Benny O'Rourke for Eamonn Dolan, Mark Kerrigan (0-1) for Killian Ward.
Masonite Leitrim Senior Football Championship - Final

Carrigallen v Glencar Manorhamilton

Venue: Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada Date: 27.09.09 Throw-in: 2:50pm

Final Score: 2-07 / 0-14

Enda Lyons, Barry Reilly, David Flynn, Karl Ward, Terence Reynolds, Noel Doonan (0-1), JP McManus, Clifford Richardson, Gary Reynolds (0-1), Martin Dolan, Eoin Ward, Andrew McManus (1-0), Benny O'Rourke (0-3), Ciaran Flynn (0-2), Eamonn O'Malley. Subs: for Killian Ward for Eamonn O'Malley, Brian Doyle (1-0) for Killian Ward, Mark Kerrigan for Eoin Ward.
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